The George4 Foundation is committed to providing assistance against a wide range of community and youth-focused projects, with specific interest in enhancing quality of life by funding grant requests that support all or a component of:

  • Delivering high quality early childhood educational programming and related support
  • Addressing issues concerning early childhood welfare, to enable child safety along with building family support as contributors to delivering successful care, education and mentoring
  • Supporting on-going efforts within pediatric focused clinical research that increase the ability of children to live full and fulfilling lives
  • Providing assistance and empowerment targeted toward underprivileged and / or minority families within the community focused on strengthening skills and ability to nurture children / youth

Eligibility Requirements and Exclusions

Grant requests must meet all of the following requirements before consideration will be given:

  • Applicant organizations must have current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or be a governmental entity, or be an IRS-recognized tribe. It may not be a private Foundation as defined in Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Must include collaboration and community  support as evidenced by in-kind or cash contributions from local and regional sources.
  • Provide evidence as requested that a minimum of 85% of resources, including potential funding awarded by the George4 Foundation, reach and support intended beneficiaries or related initiatives.  Less than 15% of resources are spent on operations, including but not limited to fund-raising and related expenses, salaries and general administration.
  • Must have at least 50% of funding (may include in-kind) for the total project budget committed before applying.
  • Requests are for no more than one third of the total project cost.
  • Organization must not be delinquent in filing final reports for previous grants from the George4 Foundation as well as be in good standing as related to credit history, reputation .
  • Organization may not be currently receiving other grant funds from the George4 Foundation.
  • If the organization has received prior funding from the George4 Foundation, it must wait 12 months after the completion of the prior grant before applying again for support.
  • Exceptions may apply. Questions? Contact


The George4 Foundation does not consider funding requests for:

  • Endowments or reserve funds.
  • Debt retirement or operating deficits.
  • Indirect expenses unrelated to the project or program being funded.
  • Traditionally defined sponsorships or the sponsorship of fundraising events.
  • Propagandizing related to or influencing elections or legislation.
  • Organizations or initiatives that, in any manner, discriminate against providing assistance based upon race, educational attainment, gender or religious preference

What To Expect When Applying

  • Allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for initial review
  • Should the need for clarification based upon responses provided within the application arise during review, please respond promptly to any outreach from the George4 team
  • If your request advances beyond initial review, the George4 team will schedule a discussion to review scope of proposed work and final decision timing

Frequently Asked Questions – Funding Application Process

1. Are there deadlines for submitting an application?

We accept initial grant requests through our online application process each year January 1 through February 15. 

2. How soon will I hear from you after I apply?

You will receive a response from us within 6 – 8 weeks after applying. Each request is reviewed by a grant committee to determine if it meets our mission and guidelines. Every request will receive a written response indicating an approval, a request for more information or a respectful declination.

3. What is an appropriate request amount? Is there a maximum grant size?

The amount that you request from the George4 Foundation should be proportionate to your organizational budget, project budget and expected income from other sources. As a guideline, The George4 Foundation generally funds no more than 30% of a project’s full budget. 

4. If our request is approved, how soon before we can receive funding?

This will depend on the nature of grant you are applying for, project size, scope and impact along with requested funding amount.  The George4 Foundation team member(s) assigned to your grant following successful review and decision to fund will work with you on the payment release schedule.

5. Does the George4 Foundation offer challenge grants?

Yes, the George4 Foundation recognizes challenge grants as effective tools for leveraging additional financial support for certain projects that align with the mission and goals of the Foundation. For example, against a compliant initiative, The George4 Foundation will consider funding a match up to $5,000 of community contributions once the challenge to your community and constituents has been met.

6. When can we re-apply?

We consider new grant requests during the annual open application window of January 1 through February 15 of each year. However, if you currently have an active grant with the George4 Foundation, we generally will not consider additional funding until the current grant is closed. If your request has been declined, we ask that you re-apply for the same project or program during the next open application period.

7. Can I contact the George4 Foundation if I have specific questions about whether my project or program meets your Mission and guidelines?

Yes, you can contact the George4 Foundation at